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Taking Care of Those Closest to You is the Greatest Legacy of All

The research I did for my most recent book, The New Retirement, taught me that a sense of purpose and legacy is essential to happy, healthy aging. By definition, leaving a legacy requires advanced planning that evolves over every stage of life. For me, by the time I was in my mid-teens, I knew I […]

Can’t Say No to Northern Gateway

The conventional wisdom appears to be that in approving the Northern Gateway pipeline, subject to it meeting 209 conditions, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have made a controversial decision. I’m not so sure. Today, more than ever before, it is imperative that Canadian oil sands product reaches tidewater and emerging international markets, such as […]

Formula for Success

The key attributes of successful people are remarkably similar, regardless of their choice of fields. I am often asked by young people and their parents where the best opportunities are, as though success were determined by economic factors – the pursuit of a career in a growth sector. Instead, I believe that potential lies within […]

Talk Like TED

This is a brilliant presentation by Carmine Gallo–a must-see slideshow and a must-read book for anyone who want to empower and persuade a people.   Talk Like TED: 3 Unbreakable Laws of Communication from Carmine Gallo.    

Board Diversity and Women Leadership

Board diversity is a hot topic all over the world. Importantly, the issue has changed from one of equity and fairness to superior performance. Simply put, numerous studies have shown that companies with gender diversity in leadership outperform. Yet, there has been very little real change in the gender makeup of public company boards and […]

Surprising Developments in the Gender Gap

As a female member of the baby boom generation, I began my economics career as pretty much the only woman in the room—from graduate school to the Fed to Bay Street, economics and investment banking remain male-dominated fields, but even there much has changed. The alpha-male attitude of the ‘boys’-locker-room type’ trading floors has largely […]

Janet Yellen: A woman at the top of a very male profession

First thing next month, Janet Yellen will become the first woman to chair the U.S. Federal Reserve Board – arguably, the most important economic policy job in the world. While this is a breakthrough on many fronts, it is particularly noteworthy because of the appalling representation of women in economics. Ms. Yellen was awarded her […]

To Sherry Cooper’s surprise, there’s life after retirement

BMO’s former chief economist is spreading her roots and loving it” To Sherry Cooper’s surprise, there’s life after retirement I’ve always thrived on change. I love to redecorate and I never keep the same hairstyle for too long. Part of what I liked about my job as chief economist at Bank of Montreal was that […]