Posted on April 8, 2015

Ride The Wave

In Ride the Wave, Dr. Sherry Cooper, global economic stregist, regular CNBC guest, and former Fed economist, shows how yesterday’s predictable business cycles have been replaced with a spiraling, unending rollercoaster. Yes, says Cooper, we are in the early stages of an “upwave.”

In 20 years, the world will be a far wealthier place. But there will be big losers too, those who can’t handle the volatility that’s coming as well.

Cooper shows you what’s coming, why it’s coming and what you should do to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities – and manage tomorrow’s daunting risks. She brings global sweep and long-term prospective to the causes and effects that really matter: the massive demographic and sociopolitical changes that will transform tomorrow’s world economy. You’ll preview looming technological changes that will have revolutionary investment and career implications – and even discover why the Internet is poised for a comeback that may dwarf the glory days of the late 1990s. Most important, Cooper outlines practical strategies for investing securely in an age of economic uncertainty.