April 16, 2012

Rising Rates – Not Bad News

Interest rates for longer-maturity government bonds are finally rising, triggering concern that higher rates could derail the U.S. expansion. The 10-year Treasury yield is currently at about 2.30%. That’s up about 60 basis points since September. Should this continue, Canadian mortgage rates could move off their lows and dampen the housing boom that has already…

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March 9, 2012

The American Oil Boom

Ironically, while many are focussing on the negative impact of high gasoline prices on the U.S. economy, oil production in the U.S. is surging, providing the largest stimulus to growth and job creation since the recession began in 2007.

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November 11, 2011

Lucky to Be Canadian

I applaud Finance Minister Flaherty’s decision in this week’s Economic Update to postpone balancing the budget at this time of economic uncertainty.

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October 21, 2011

Euro Crisis: Canadian Consternation Warranted

Finance Minister Flaherty recently rebuked European authorities for dragging their heels in devising an adequate action plan to forestall a global recession.

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September 26, 2011

European Debt Crisis and a Possible Global Recession

The European debt crisis is the most urgent matter facing the global economy.

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August 8, 2011

U.S. Downgrade is a Sideshow

The U.S. Treasury says that the decision by Standard & Poor’s rating agency to downgrade U.S. debt is based on flawed analysis.

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April 1, 2011

Good News Really Can Be Good

The global economy is rebounding significantly despite the alarming number of black-swan challenges. Stock markets are rallying in tandem, reflective of the improving economic and financial backdrop. Ironically, the good news has led many to question the need for further monetary stimulus, while at the same time some suggest that without the Federal Reserve’s quantitative…

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March 25, 2011

Japan: The Forgotten Economy

Prior to the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, the importance of Japan to the global economy went unrecognized, swamped by the surge in China’s economic power—the new Asian juggernaut.

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March 15, 2011

Bleak Headlines Might Be Overdoing Nuclear Danger According to Some Scientists

As the news of a potential nuclear crisis in Japan worsened, markets were reflecting a “get-me-out-of-everything-risky” mindset, as commodities and stocks were selling off sharply and triple-A government bonds are rallying.

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March 11, 2011

How Will Japan’s Earthquake Affect Canada?

The earthquake, which registered 8.9 on the Richter scale, is the largest to hit Japan in at least 140 years, although the overall ramifications are still very much uncertain and will depend critically on any tsunami-related damages in the Pacific Basin.

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